Family Testimonials


Read about why parents have got involved with this campaign and why they have shared their own stories.

Diane and Maria Watt

“We support the Be Child Cancer Aware campaign as we don’t want other families to go through what we have gone through. Losing our precious Maria, a fun-loving, intelligent, witty girl who wanted to make her mark on this world, has taken its toll on our family. Our family unit is broken and there is no such thing as a Normal life once your child dies. Leukaemia claimed our daughter’s life and we want to ensure that Childhood Cancer doesn’t claim any more young lives in the future. The only way to tackle this is by “Raising Awareness”. ”

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Maria by her Mom Diane Watt

Ken and Robert West

“We have joined BCCA because, as we know well from talking to many other parents, a real problem (still) exists with late and mis-diagnosis of childhood cancers, and lack of research funding. We believe that to tackle these problems “awareness” is required, and this is what BCCA is all about. I am sure that together (using our combined experience) we can make a big difference for all the families who, sadly, will need our help in the future.”

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Robert by his Dad Ken West

Sarah, John and Ted Drummond

“We are very passionate as a family about this charity, and we are privileged to be working with some fantastic people, that have proved to be the good out of a very bad situation.

We hope that amongst us, with our combined skills and efforts, we can educate the nation about childhood cancer one person at a time! ”

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Ted by his Mom & Dad – Sarah & John Drummond

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