Aims and Missions


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Our Mission is to provide information in order to raise awareness of Cancer in Children, Teenagers and Young Adults through the Be Child Cancer Aware campaign. Cancer in Children and Young People is more common than you think. There is a severe lack of awareness and young lives are being lost due to late diagnosis. We aim to change that and the fact that you are reading this website means that already you are better informed about the Cancers that affect our Children, Teenagers and Young Adults.


1) To raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of the cancers that affect children, teenagers and young adults amongst parents and young people.

2) To provide information about organisations who provide support to families of children, teenagers and young adults diagnosed with cancer.

3) To petition UK Government to ensure that all GP’s are aware of the Child Cancer Referral guidelines contained in the NICE Guidelines page 42 onwards in order to gain an earlier diagnosis for children, teenagers and young adults in the future.

By working together we really can make a difference to outcomes for children and young people diagnosed with cancer in the future. Our aim is to collate as much information about Cancer in Children, Teenagers and Young Adults into one valuable resource – a website where information is held in one place and is easily accessible.Please note that the signs and symptoms pages are a guide only to the main signs and symptoms and are NOT a substitution for professional medical advice. Our thanks to Macmillan Cancer Support for allowing us to provide links to their Childhood Cancer Information, to Patty Feist & Andrew Whittaker

GP for allowing us to use information from the Ped-Onc website and to all our wonderful families who have submitted their Family Stories and Photographs to help raise awareness.

Please – Be Child Cancer Aware!