Lampwork Tutorials

The Beads of Courage Programme relies on the wonderful talent of an army of glass bead makers to help and support children during their difficult treatment journeys.

BeadsCourage beads are used for various reasons. They are known as a “booster bead” because they aren’t given for a specific treatment such as chemo, blood transfusions etc. Sometimes a nurse will have a child who is just so poorly, or so scared they won’t come out of bed. They just lay down, pull their blankets over their heads and want to forget the world. We have testimonies from nurses who have said in situations like this, they will take a box of courage beads in to the child’s room, and ask them to look through the box of beads and choose one that represents how they feel that day.  They leave the box with the child, and after a short time, not only has the child chosen a bead, but they want to tell you why that bead represents how they feel that day, and what it was about that bead that made them choose it. They want to engage, and the bead has given them a way to do that.

Here are some fabulous Lampwork Tutorials – Click on each image for the instructions on how to make these fabulous pieces. You can also get more Lampwork information on the Craft Pimp Forum and Frit Happens.

Tutorials kindly contributed by Jolene Wolfe Laney Mead Helen Vanek Trudi Doherty Emma Green

Alien Bead
By Laney Mead
Elly Bead
By Laney Mead
Lampwork ladybug beads by Helen Vanek
Pumpkin Patch Beads
By Trudi Doherty
Beads - Gold Ribbon Bead
Gold Ribbon Bead
By Jolene Wolfe
Fish Bead
By Debbie Dew
Piggie Beads
Piggie Bead
By Debbie Dew
Santa Bead
By Laney Mead
Cow Head
By Emma Green







Plop the Penguin
By Emma Green







Ladybird by Helen Vanek
Lentil Ladybird
By Helen Vanek