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UK Government – Setting a fair price for cancer drugs.

UK Government – Setting a fair price for cancer drugs. Your chance to feed in to the government’s plans to set a fair price for cancer drugs. Can you help the government decide? If you had to decide which drugs are available for patients, how would you choose? The Coalition Government is bringing a new […]

Donors Saves Lives

Donors Saves Lives More than 10, symptoms 500 people need an organ transplant in the UK but even children who are prioritised in the matching system still wait on average nearly 6 months. Many die waiting for a suitable match. New research reveals that despite continuing high levels of support for organ donation, medicine just […]

Father wins Cancer Benefit Battle

Ian Leech is one of our parents and since losing his precious daughter, Mel, to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma he has been fighting the corner for students who find themselves with life threatening illnesses. Now, the Government has agreed to support students who take time off for life-threatening illnesses. Read the story in today’s Independent here.