The Adventures of Oliver the Oliphant

We are so pleased to announce our new partnered venture with Tutu Crafty and the Oliphants.

Tutu Crafty and the Oliphants was set up by Frances Shaw, when she was raising money for her beloved Oliver’s headstone. Fran fell in love with the Beads of courage programme, so once she had reached her target, she continued to raise funds for Be Child Cancer Aware and is responsible for the programme being implemented in to Sheffield Hospital, in Oliver’s memory!

BCCA has formed a special bond with Fran and between us “Oliver’s Adventures” was born. Fran’s son, Oliver, was an adventurous boy himself and he would have loved the Beads of Courage.  Through this new project he will be an integral part of the BCCA team!


  • This new venture is strictly for children registered with BE CHILD CANCER AWARE and applicants must be a UK resident. This is different to simply being enrolled on Beads of Courage through your hospital. Official BCCA Enrollment  Forms are available from the hospital you receive your beads. Unfortunately, if you haven’t sent this form to BCCA, your application cannot be considered.
  • Applications for “Oliver’s Adventures” must be sent by a parent or guardian using our online application form and one adventurer will be chosen at random to ensure fairness.
  • You can apply each month between 1st and 21st of the month for your child to be the “Oliver’s Adventurer of the Month”, however, you can only be chosen once. If unsuccessful, you can reapply the following month.
  • You cannot be “Child of the Month” and the “Oliver’s Adventurer of the Month” in the same month.
  • We require 2 clear photos of Oliver on his adventure.  The photos can be taken anywhere – in hospital, at the shops, in your bedroom, on holiday, in your garden…it really doesn’t matter where! These will be put on our website, shared on our facebook page and potentially used in publications. When you apply, you must state that you give consent for your adventurer photos to be used.
  • Enjoy. Oliver is yours to keep forever.  Oliphants are suitable from birth; they are fully machine washable and carry the CE mark of conformity, so you can play in confidence that although handmade they are safe for your little ones.