Thank-You Tesco

Elaine Innes and the team at Tesco Customer Service Centre recently responded to a request from Diane Watt who is a Trustee of The Maria Watt Birmingham Foundation for Childhood & Teenage Leukaemia to support a new initiative, Be Child Cancer Aware. Diane’s daughter, Maria was diagnosed with Leukaemia in June 2005. Unfortunately, Maria’s treatment was unsuccessful and she passed away 3 weeks after diagnosis.

The Be Child Cancer Aware campaign has been set up by The Maria Watt Foundation in conjunction with The Liberty Rose Trust to raise awareness of Cancer in Children, Teenagers and Young Adults and is particularly focussed on raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of the Cancers that affect Children and Young People. We all know that an earlier diagnosis of cancer saves lives and a lot has been done to raise awareness in adults however, Childhood Cancer is not so easy to detect. It is the last thought on any parent or GP’s mind when a child presents with symptoms and can take around 3-4 months to gain a diagnosis. The Be Child Cancer Aware campaign aims to change that by making Parents, Teenagers and GP’s more aware of the signs. Maybe if Maria’s parents had been more aware, they would have gained an earlier diagnosis.

The team at Tesco Customer Service Centre have been raising awareness by displaying posters and selling Gold Ribbons – the worldwide symbol for Child Cancer Awareness. They have raised a staggering £558.13 from Gold Ribbons sales and these funds will be used towards the printing and distribution of Child Cancer Symptom Awareness Cards. Additionally, Elaine arranged for Be Child Cancer Aware to speak with the Charity Department at Tesco to arrange a number of collection days at Tesco sites with the result that 10 collection days up and down the country have been arranged.

The Maria Watt Foundation, The Liberty Rose Trust and Be Child Cancer Aware would like to express their sincere gratitude to Elaine and the team at Tesco Customer Service Centre for their fantastic support.

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