Tanners Story by his Mom and Dad

Tanners Story by his Mom and Dad

SAMSUNGOur journey began with our son when he was only 13 months old. Tanner Allen Trammell turned 1 year old on October 11, 2012. A week after his birthday he started to get very sick. He was having flu like symptoms. By throwing up. By the second week of this “flu” he was projectile vomiting anytime he ate. We couldn’t keep any solid nor liquid in him. The Dr’s repeatedly told us it was just a flu. He was hospitalized the end of the 2nd week of throwing up for dehydration. Still non of the tests came back with any abnormalities. So we continued doing our best to keep fluids in our baby boy. The 3rd week got harder. He started to have a rapid eye movement jitters. Every day they seemed to happen more frequently and more rapid. We became very concerned. The Dr’s immediately admitted him again for tests on his brain. Everything came back normal. The 4th week our son got admitted again for being extremely dehydrated and he had loss his ability to walk due to his eye movements. Our Knight and shining armour appeared then….Dr. Lloyd Jensen. He decided something was not right and he wasn’t going to send our son home without finding out why is was vomiting and his eyes moving. About 5pm on November 6th 2012 the sweetest nurse had came and took our baby to be sedated for a chest xray. Low and behold they found something!

SAMSUNGA tumour the size of a orange in his chest/back area. He had Neuroblastoma. We were sent up to Primary Children’s the next morning to meet with a surgeon and an oncologist Dr. Lemmons. We scheduled his surgery for the following day to remove his tumour. We were told he could lose a lot of blood and a 75% chance something could go wrong because the tumour had started to grow over his aeorta. If they were to remove the tumour they probably had to cut through the nerve. We were so scared and horrified. November 8th came and his surgery was about to begin. He was in surgery for 7 hours. The wait was crucial. We ran to the phone anytime it rang. Luckily 7pm at night the Dr called….it was successful! !!!! They did not hit the aeorta and he was doing amazing! The world stopped spinning for that brief moment! We were told the fingers were still embedded in between his spine and it was too dangerous to remove them but that with chemo they would disappear. December 26th 2012, Tanner went in for his second surgery to have a port put in for his Rutiximab therapy. He was on that every Thursday for 4 weeks. They then started IVIG therapy on him. Plus a steroid shot which was administered twice a day every day for months. 6 months later he finally was off the shot and his MRI have now all come back normal. His Nystagmus (eye movement) had started to diminish! !!

SAMSUNGOur baby was back. 1 year exactly to the date, November 7, 2013, Tanner had relapsed and his eye started shaking rapidly again. Feeling discouraged we went back for further treatment. They administered another 4 weeks of Rutiximab therapy and continued his IVIG treatment as well. January 2014 his eyes had stopped moving once again and all of his MRI have come back good. Our son is going to be 3 October 11 of this year and he is a normal boy again. He is behind in his development but catching up quickly.

SAMSUNGHe still receives IVIG therapy once every two months. If we can make it passed this 2 year anniversary mark in November, hopefully he will be done with all his treatments and be free! We are praying for no more relapses! Very blessed to have such a strong little boy. He has given us strength and others. Our hero in every way!

Jessica & Allen Trammell

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