Shaylinn’s Story by her Mom Tara

Shaylinn’s Story by her Mom Tara

Our daughter, Shaylinn was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia on 13th July, 2009.

Shaylinn 2She had turned 2 on 28th June, 2009.  About 4 months prior, she kept getting sick with ear infections, bronchitis, upper respiratory infections and more.  The doctors prescribed her meds for the illnesses which worked until she was done with them.  She would then get sick again.  Soon, she stopped walking and would cry when she stood up.  The doctors said her muscles hurt from the fever.  Soon after that, she stopped talking, eating, and drinking.  We took her to the doctor again – the ER this time. They said she had strep throat and put her on meds for it.  A week later, she was like a newborn…wouldn’t stand, walk, talk, eat, drink, she would just lay there and we woke up one morning and she had purple spots all over her body and we knew we had to take her in to see a Dr.

We went to take her to a different office but same doctor company.  It was full so down the road we went to a different company, Mercy!  There they did blood tests and everything (same blood tests the other doctors had done the previous week.

Shaylinn 3Mercy’s tests showed she was severely anaemic and had to go to the ER for different testing.  We took her to mercy ER there they did some testing and came in the room and said she needed to go to the children’s hospital in Iowa city (20 mins away from us) because she either had a severe virus or cancer.  We thought, no it can’t be cancer there’s no way!!

We got to Iowa city about 11pm. At midnight we were moved into a room to stay the night for testing.  12:30am the doctor came in and told us the words that no parent wants to hear….”I’m sorry but your daughter has cancer”….we spent 3 weeks in the hospital doing tests the first days to find out which type of cancer and then started chemo.  We were told it would be 4-6 months before she was in remission.  She was in remission on day 29!!!!  She’s been a fighter for sure!!

She is now 7 and is doing great!  After years of late night travels to Iowa city for fevers; to long hospital stays; to having some close calls…she finished chemo on 18th September, 2011! Everyone has a hero and our daughter is ours!!!  She is such a fighter!!!

Shaylinn 4Shaylinn 6

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