Danesha’s Story by her Mom Sherry

Danesha’s Story by her Mom Sherry

Danesha Cornish is a bright, happy, sweet four year old. She was always considered our miracle because we almost lost her at one month old due to pyloric stenosis. She recovered perfectly from that and was healthy up until March 2014.

imageIn March, Danesha woke up one morning with a nose bleed. We took her to a doctor and they said it was a sinus infection. Four weeks later and after many doctor visits, she still had that nose bleed. On March 26th we took her to emergency once again and the doctor said it looks to be a non-cancerous tumour and made an appointment for Danesha to have a biopsy done March 28th. On the day of her biopsy the surgeon requested a ct scan should be done first. As soon as the results came back we were told it looks like she has cancer. No parent ever wants or expects to hear those words about their child.

He did the biopsy and on March 31st, Daneshas 4th birthday, he called to confirm what we all dreaded….Danesha had cancer. She was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma.

imageThe tumour was located in her nasal cavity. We celebrated Daneshas birthday and tried our best to make it a normal fun day. On April 2nd, Danesha was rushed to the nearest children’s hospital due to breathing problems. The tumour was getting bigger. She was admitted to picu where she was kept asleep for a few days. They removed some tumour and in a few days she was moved to the medical floor. The next two weeks included many tests and procedures.

Danesha started chemo April 17th and on May 5th she began 28 days of radiation. She did well with radiation but did lose some weight due to the radiation burning her throat which made it hard for her to eat. Danesha is currently half way though her chemo which is expected to end in February 2015.

image She had an MRI done in July which showed significant shrinkage. She has another MRI in a few weeks and we are hoping for great news again. Danesha is such a lively child, cancer has not slowed her down at all. She is currently back in daycare with her friends and doing everything a child her age should be doing. Thanks for Reading Daneshas story and please say a prayer for her.