Beads from a distance

Welcome to Beads from a distance.

Be Child Cancer Aware has always known the value of the beads of courage programme to children receiving cancer treatment. It is important to us for the programme to be inclusive of all children, regardless of background or social standing, which is why we chose to sponsor the programme ourselves. We also appreciate that when it is not possible for a hospital to distribute the programme children miss out through no fault or choice of their own. This is why we have decided to trial the Beads from a distance programme.

All initial enquiries to take part in the Beads from a distance should be made via email to

Once eligibility has been confirmed, the initial enrollment will proceed through a separate link to be emailed direct.

For all children who have received their start up packs, and are requesting subsequent beads please click here for the relevant form.

This is for the Oncology programme only. If you are enrolled on the cardiac, chronic, NICU or burns programme, then please email for additional links.